Clients and partners

Simpla collaborates with the world’s largest IT hardware and software vendors.


Multivendor product portfolio delivers high-tech solutions that maximally meet the needs of customers.

The world leader in software, IT services and Internet technology development for personal computers and servers
Software for virtualization of computing resources for data centers, clouds and mobile devices
World-renowned graphic design, publishing, web designer, and print product maker
Personal computers, tablet PCs, servers, storage devices, network equipment, computer peripherals
The world leader in network technology: trunk routing, switching, collaborative solutions, virtualization of the data center
A global manufacturer and provider of IT infrastructure solutions, personal computing and access devices, printers
World's leading software developer for 2D and 3D modeling, industrial and civil engineering, engineering, as well as the media and entertainment industry
One of the leaders in the field of digital multimedia software, offering the widest range of up-to-date photo applications.
Manufacturer of professional software development tools that support the most advanced technologies, frameworks and programming languages.
Atlassian is developing software for planning, teamwork tools in any industry, including for software development teams.
Embarcadero specializes in delivering the widest range of tools designed to increase the productivity of developers and administrators.
Zoho offers small and medium-sized businesses numerous SaaS applications to increase productivity and collaborative performance
The world leader in security, data warehousing and system management solutions that help businesses.
International anti-virus software developer, a security expert
Veeam specializes in software development for virtual machine backup and virtual environment monitoring.
Software solutions for backing up and restoring critical data in physical, virtual and cloud environments.
Fortinet is developing software and hardware for protection against cyber threats of various types.
The world leader in the personal computer sector